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Online Learning keeps you Updated

Online learning keeps you Updated Having Learning Goal but could not be able to attend traditional classroom programs. As all of you wish to learn in your flexible hours or do not wish Long distance travelling and so on. Being Professional or jobseeker you always wants to keep yourself updated on recent practices and techniques for latest corporate trends. As

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Necessity Of Job Description

Necessity of Job Description If you are thinking that preparing job description is time consuming or secondary thing, then it is not at all true. Infact you are investing your valuable time by preparing job description to meet only talent which fits into big picture of your organizations goal and vision. While hiring, everyone wants to hire talented employees who

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Effective Resume Writing

1.   Format Your Resume Wisely : Use a logical format and wide margins, clean type and clear headings Selectively apply bold and italic typeface that help guide the reader’s eye Use bullets to call attention to important points (i.e. accomplishments) 2. Identify Accomplishments not Just Job Descriptions Focus on what you did in the job, NOT what your job was there’s

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Why Startup need HR Consultant

The main reason why startup does not consult Human Resources is they don’t know how HR functions. There exactly they lack the insight to understand importance of human resources in their organization. As a startup they are highly motivated and hire people with the same motivation and try to give them the feel of “ Fun@ work” culture , but

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